The heart and the brain.

One loves, the other pushes away.

One is care free, the other anxiously prays.

One knows the truth, the other love to hide,

One cries, but the other smiles.

Both are scared, but dont show it all,

Wish to be understood but they never talk,

Wish to speak, but they always stall.

Thank you once again!🌸

Maybe we’re strangers,

But writing is what connected our soul.

Maybe we feel,

We’re incomplete and lost,

But writing is what made us whole.

I’m so delighted to share this happiness with you all, without whom this wouldn’t have been possible!

I’ll be honest, I never thought my poems would be ever read by even one person at all thus I never felt the need of publishing them here.

But after publishing a few poems the response that I got, really amazed me. I got to learn so many new things by reading the post of various amazing people on WordPress.

Also, I never a get a chance to say this, but being here made me realize that it’s okay to be vulnerable at times and it’s okay fail, but it’s really not okay to give up!

The positivity on WordPress is truly contagious and I’m so glad to be a part of this wonderful community.

I can’t thank you all enough for being here and for all the support and love you have showered me with!

Thank you once again!🌸😊

Poem 23#

Hiding by the trees,

The moon seemed dim today,

But as she adjusted herself to get a better look of her moon,

The grey clouds came up soon,

She then sat by her window waiting for her moon to show up again,

This time he did show up,

But was eclipsed by doom.

Poem 22#

Who is a soulmate? Does he know she is a miserable too?

Does he feel her pain and sufferings too?

Or does he just enjoy inflicting pain everyday new?

Does he overlook her issues?

Or handles them care and doesn’t overdo?

Does he care for her and cherishes her imperfections too?

Do they both lie and cheat? Or do they communicate their feelings true?

Do they have fights always? Or just some ideas contradicting and new?

Why is it called love? Can’t you just be infatuated too?

Why say forever and always when the bond can’t last months two?

And When do you decide it’s over and now you can’t undo?

Poem 21#

Once again the moon seemed alone tonight,

Crestfallen, it had no where to hide.

The stars accompanied it for they felt the moon’s plight.

They thought the moon shall not survive the night.

To many the stars, the moon’s behavior seemed right.

But the others thought, the moon seemed quite impolite,

And then, it dazzled in the gloom and shined very bright,

For the memories of the past added to the delight,

Reminiscing those moments, the moon’s dim light suddenly turned bright.

And just for today, everything seemed all right.

Poem 1# ( Hindi)

हम दूूर थे जब, तब भी कितने पास थे

अब इतने पास है, फिर भी इतने दूर क्यों लगते हो?

अजनबी थे कभी, फिर भी अपने से लगते थे तुम,

अब अपने हो, फिर भी इतने बेगाने क्यों लगते है?

क्यों है इतने फासले, इतनी दूरियाँ क्यों?

मुस्कुराना नहीँ आता था मुझे कभी,

मगर तुम्हने जीना सीखा दिया।

फिर एक ही पल में उन खुशियों को तुमने मुझेसे छीन लिया।

जान बाकी हैै मुझमें अब, मगर साँसे रूखी है मेरी,

तुम्हारी वो मुस्कुराहट ने मेरी जान को मुझ स हीे चुरा लिया।

Hey everyone,so this is the first time I’m publishing my Hindi poem. I’d really love to know your thoughts on this poem!

PS- I will post the English translation of this poem in the upcoming days.

Thank you.😊

Poem 20#

Why would you like me anyways?

I’ve got needles in my mouth,

They harm and injure the heart.

And a desert exists within.

There is no calm or peace in here,

Only the storm, waiting to begin.

You think you can find peace in here,

But that’ll just be an illusion, a mirage that’s all.


There aren’t any flowers that bloom around,

Just the prickly pear that surrounds.

A few came in to fill the hollow space,

With their gentle words and caring face.

But the sweltering sand, they couldn’t withstand

And the frigid winds, it shattered their stand.

You shall be hurt, so run away,

Be far away from me and save your day.