Poem 62#

Why does it feel distant nowadays?
Why do we hide?
Why does it feel that we are tired of trying?
If we’re unsure of this journey
Unsure where we’d reside.
Then why do we still comply?

Poem 61#

We’re either sorry
Or angry
We’re either loving
Or numb
We’re either talkative
Or completely mum
We’re either too supportive
Or discuorurage the smallest deeds
We’re either too close to one another
Or just locked, miles away
We’re either devouring our life,
Or just surviving the day
We’re either being entirely honest
Or lying
We’re either where we wish to be
Or were cajoled to be a part
We’re either living free
Or are trapped within
We’re either this or that
Or are we both?
I wouldnt know.

Poem 60#

He feels lonely in life.
the reason is unsure,
but oh he is thrilled to find

So he seeks out adventure,
Amongst the gloomy roads, to the lively sea,
But it all becomes too monotonous.
Too plain to see.

So he seeks relations,
But they are time bound and come with a tag
In the end, it tires his impulsive soul.
People seem similar, thrill gets boring too.

So he decides to run away from those,
Who try to cage his soul.
But provides selective attention,
To all those who surround his core.
Yet again,feels burdened by attention.

So he ponders, introspects,
Refers to his previous notes,
Alas his weary heart, silently begs him,
No more!
But his ardent mind, asks for more.

and in the end,
he stands alone, infront of his mirror,
smiles with pride,
for he achieved the best things in life.

But oh the reflection lies,
for his smile is fake, and he has no one there by his side.
he is lonely yet again.

Poem 59#

You ever ponder upon that smile,
And wonder what secrets does he hide,
How many times he loathed to crave out that smile?
How many times he wished he could scream and leave,
But his tarnished soul kno

ws no defeat.
He will fight back not whine,

Yet all he did was smile.
And now it helps him, execute his wise plans smartly,
He looks at her like a tiger looking at its prey,
Subtly grooming himself,
Cleaning his paws, gazing straight into her dark orbs.

Safe at a distance he silently awaits.
He doesn’t acknowledge her presence,
Nor does he pounce his sharp jaw upon her delicate nape,
All he does is, give off that damn smile!
Its scary,
yet allures that dame all the while

The silent dame,
Sits back and enjoys the tiger’s gaze,
It’s enticing,
Its wild, its something that sends chills down her warm heart.

Will she run away?
Or will he devour the naive prey?
Or will they both part their ways in sometime?

And oh, in this patient game,
One person will lose the other will win away,
So who’s it gonna be?
The tiger or the dame?

Poem 58#

How could one decide
Whether the truth is the truth,
Or just a lie?

whether man actually lies about the truth
or tells the truth when he lies?

do we ever share the truth?
or just hide behind the lies?

in the end it is always something
we wish to hide,
so that its safe with us, somewhere deep inside.

But hey!
What if someone tries to decipher the real truth and run away from the lies?
the result then, is a catastrophic bundle of truth and lies.

which is the truth? and which is the lie?
oh dear friend, its for you to decide.

Excerpts from blurry video calls

i love you”

Wh….wha…what did you say?

i love you,
here’s my three words for you”

and he didnt stop smiling afterwards,
covered his face with his cold palm,
then looked at me with an unreadable gaze
with a shy smile he looked up staright into mine,
a naive vein parted its way from his forehead that time,
and i was rest assured he truly smiled,

The dimple on his right cheek
resonated from the blurry video call,
His eyes glittered with glee
he stammered a bit,
then silently stared at the screen
But his beating heart, pumped too loud,
His crimson face mirrored it out.

he immediately disconnected the call,
didn’t recall those words back to me,
but after rationalizing them from all viewpoints,
which took him working to business days three,
His warm words found an abode on my cold screen,
his loud voice could be heard as he finally confessed those back,
while i sat back dumbstruck,
unable to understand his wits,
yet elated for the tough guy, had finally started being free!