I am moody and confused all the time,

My anxiousness takes a toll sometime.

You told me to breathe and relax a bit

We’ll take thing’s slow and know each other more.

You told me,

My honesty allured your mind,

That my brown eyes spoke volumes all the time,

You felt something flutter inside you,

You felt connected to me,

The reason? No one knew.

That you missed me, while I was away,

It was difficult for you to forget me whole,

You missed that kiss and that embrace.

But you hesitated to make things work.

You didn’t feel like texting me at all,

For you waited for me to make the call.

Then one day, I told you a lie,

Informed you that maybe this was infatuation,

Will wander off in a while.

You happily accepted this statement of mine,

Told me maybe or maybe not this was the best thing

For us that time.

And with that I left you peacefully,

In your own state of mind.

Who is she? (Part 1)

A random girl who cribs and whines,

Wishes at times to make things right.

Is anxious about the future at times,

Over thinks everything at sight.


She never settles to one thing in mind

Cries, when she’s sad or hurt at times

Smiles, to conceal and sham a disguise.

Wishes to be alone so that no one shall see

The world she lives in, is full of mysteries.

Is dark and murky just like her soul,

Thus, she shuns away people at whole.

And now resides in those shadows of coal…..

…to be continued.


They don’t showcase the pain,

Behind those cries.

Don’t showcase the truth,

They’ve seen over time.

Rather show you,

What you’d want to see,

Show you a world,

Free of miseries.

A world in which,

you’d be free,

A world in which,

No one ever cheats

or ever lies.

For, that’s what eyes do,

They don’t lie.


The sky is so ambiguous at night,

Those innumerous stars,

twinkle and shine,

Befriend the moon,

And scare away that doom


the moon is still alone,

Surrounded in gloom.


The mirror in front of me,

Doesn’t smile nor looks pleased.

Has been hurt several times,

Is shattered in piece,

Yet, holds herself together, in peace.