Poem 37#

And just as I reopened the old Chronicle tonight,

The whetted paper bruised my heart

The words too, impaired my soul.

And just for tonight,

I wish, I could rewrite it all over again.

But how could I?

The dried ink wasn’t empowered to me.

Poem 36#

I wish I could explain my plight to the moon,

But oh he’s too distant,

And far away from home.

Has lost his shine,

And he appears to be hazy all the time.

And when I glance at him once a while,

He runs away and oh he hides.

Keeps ignoring me,

And has now left my side.

Poem 35 #

I wish to stay,

But then I keep running away.

I wish to be free,

But then I entangle myself in that chain.

I wish to have someone here by my side

But all I do is push them away.

I wish to talk my feelings out,

But I keep silent,

Or at times just burst off.

I wish I could tell you,

That I don’t want anything from you,

Except some love and hugs too.

But all I did,

Was push you away,

Told you to never conatct me again,

Told you that I hope we meet never again,

But I wish you knew how it keeps me killing me every night.

I know, my words don’t match my feelings at all

I’m sorry I hurt you, I hope you forgive me, some day,

But I feel, people might leave me anyways,

So why show, that I care, at all?

Poem 34#

He is here by my side,

Sitting in front of me, gazing straight into my eyes.

I tell him how this won’t work, I dislike ambiguity in my life,

That maybe now it’s time to move on, for he was leaving finally, this time.

He looks at me with rhuemy eyes, accepts that statement and assures me it’s completely fine

I get up and ask him to hug me for the last time,

He hugs me and kisses me goodbye, rests his nose along side mine,

I love you and I’ll miss you when you leave this time,

Miss this touch, the smell of you and your lovely eyes.

You’re scared that once you Ieave, I shall forget you,

But didn’t you know?

I am only yours.

So please smile and leave happily, go live your life,

For I’ll always be here, waiting for you,

I know we shall be together, someday, in time.

I suddenly woke up from the dream that seemed too similar, except those last lines.

For I couldn’t confess the last lines, for I knew that he couldn’t be tied down by promises of time, for he is a restless soul, a traveller of time, he is a free bird who can’t be tied down to the cage of love, maybe letting him go is the best way to accept him.

Poem 33#

Hey I know,

You did your best,

Yet they still remained the same,

Ignored you, you forgave them,

But all in vain,

You’re still in pain.

They left you for another,

Are happily living their life again,

But you think about them, every night,

Hope that they will come back to you

And you shall happily live with them again.

But my friend,

If it were truly meant to be,

Wouldn’t it last?

Why do always lie to yourself,

Hold back the memories,

And are causing yourself so much pain?

Just let go,

If it’s meant to be,

It’ll come back to you.

If not,

Then it was never meant to be.

We live in the past yet it is dead. If we live the way we have lived until now, the future will be the same as the past. Work on yourselves, change something about yourself in the present, then the future may be different.”

I know it’s easier said than done, but by reliving those past memories, aren’t we just hurting ourselves more? Overthinking about it, blaming ourselves for making things worse.

But we did our best, for someone who didn’t deserve it, so how about a change in plan?

Start living for yourself,

Remember the things you did for them?

Do those for you, you are lovely and strong, bold and pure.

No matter what happens, don’t hurt yourself over those who don’t value your worth.

You deserve the best, you might not agree with me,

But I think, you must know, that you are the best!❤

Poem 32#

He entered her life like those fresh raindrops of time.

Entrapped in his eternal bliss,

She was ecstatic and oh did she smile!

But little did she know,

That this rain won’t last forever,

And he left her for another,after sometime.

Until she was left with nothing,

But raindrops in her eyes.

Poem 31# ( The moon and lies)

And just I grew tired of looking at the moon tonight,

I gazed up at the stars for a while

But the grey clouds came up soon,

Hid the moon under their blanket of lies,

The moon seemed to believe them

Went along with them and left my side.

And that’s how I lost my moon,

To those gloomy lies.