Musing (2)

At times they blabber hurtful things,

But moist eyes never utter a thing,

Shrivelled lips bring out a fresh smile,

The exanimate voice, utters a sigh,

I’ll be fine’

exanimate : showing no sign of life; lifeless.

Musing (1)

The happiness in your life is like,

The afternoon shadow.

Short yet beautiful.

You wish it’d last longer, but it can’t.

But the pain,

Is like your gloomy shadow at night,

You know it’s a part of you,

How much ever you try to run away from it,

It’ll always be there by your side.


He was scarred,

He was broken,

He felt empty,

Was often mistaken.

A deceitful soul,

Silent and unemotional,

He had a damaged heart and

a wounded core,

He felt incomplete,

But yet was unshaken.


Do you ever feel nothing?

But it feels like it’ll break you from the inside?

But when asked to explain this feeling,

All you end up saying is nothing?

Random musing

We were sitting beside the tree that was once green and lively

But was chopped down for exceeding her limits.

He was writing something in his diary,

I tell him how the tree won’t grow up to be as tall as she was before,

Nor would she ever be jolly or free.

He said nothing but just smiled at me,

His blue eyes lit up, like the beautiful sky in the sun’s light.

Well there’s always hope, you know?’

And how’s there hope for something that’s dead already?

He then points out to the little bud that grew along the broken bark,

Cant you see that this is not the end, but just the beginning of something more beautiful?

Poem 41#

The undone letters, she wished to complete every night,

But the dried ink hardly complied.

The unfeeling moon too, always left the sight.

The brutal wind never ceased to die,


With an icy heart and fingers numb,

she silently set the letters ablaze,

The flames of the past ragged violently tonight,

With a few burns, she survived the night.