Poem 39 # ( Why the moon?)

They tell her how the moon is a lone being,

How he usually wanders off, runs away free.

So why would she like something that’s so distant, so cold

and appears when he wishes to be seen?

Maybe they fail to see that it shines in the caliginous sky,

It radiates even among the stars, so bright

It evolves everyday, develops each night

Until it emerges as a new being, on full moon nights.

Maybe the light that it brings wouldn’t lighten up their world,

But for her the Moon’s light, is a peaceful sight,

One which makes her happy and makes her smile.

Hindi 3


Durr hokar bhi

Apne se lagte the Kabhi.

Pass hokar bhi,

Ajnabi lagte hai abhi

To the one,

Who was once very distant,

yet felt so homely to me

Today is Infront,

But feels like a stranger to me.

The salty sea.

The salty sea too,

Was once fresh, lively, you know?

She was calm, serene as well,

But now she flows chaotically.

They were days when she used to sing a melodic tune for her moon,

But he never really loved her anyways,

For the shining star enchanted his soul.

Thus she mourns an elegy for him everyday,

Hopes, that he reunites with his true love someday,

Wishes that he never experiences the same pain she undergoes every night,

Prays that even though he’s far away from her,

He is still happy, and glows in his star’s radiant light.

And maybe, she too,shall be happy that day.

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