A stranger in way.

I am the stranger that crosses your way, you glance in my direction then look away.

I meet you everyday in the way, listen to bits of everything you say.

See you engaging in a jolly play, with the lovely child under way.

I observe that you write something, maybe an essay, for your eyes are so expressive, they easily convey.

Your greeting eyes meet mine, while you enjoy your souffle in the cafe,

Your thin and flexible posture assures, you’re an imminent dancer of ballet.

I saw you by the subway, you were humming the Blue Jay way.

Please don’t be long babe, you say, and stare in my direction today

As I board my train and move away, think I heard you say, Please Stay?

Lone and Cold.

Empty is that mirror,staring at me, reflecting the life of the hollow being.

Pale are those walls, wrinkled and creased,

Bleached pages,not marred by me.

Parched glass lying in front of me, waiting to quench it’s thirst ever since

Ticking clock alone being, sings a melody only for me.

Solo bamboo,dry and weak, love and care needed, indeed.

Ablazed candle, melts and burns, leaves a fragrance that allures.

But the bright light flickers for awhile, and then suddenly looses its fight.

It’s incandescent glow lasts a second no more, until everything is dark and cold to the core.

A Moth to flame.

Crepuscular soul, dark wings and alone flight,

You were that dazzling bright light, chaotic for the distant moon.

Rousing was your pheromone,that attracted the doom.

Intoxicating was your chemical,that left trails for this gloom.

Your feigned bloom, shined in dark. Promised, this was just the start.

I carefully traced up all your trails, & found you shining right ablaze.

Then begun the symphonies of flames, when your firely kiss first touched my scales

It ignited all the obscure shades within, until there was nothing but ashes left in.

Would you?

Would you love me,

With all my complexities?

Value me and

Understand my perplexities?

Share your sorrows and

Dreams with me?

Take my hand,

We’ll lead our dreams,


Only if,

you believe, In me.

Would you,

Lend me your support,

And smile for a while?

Have faith,some trust &

Never give up on me?

Forever be with me,

Till my time being?

Would you do all of this

Just for me?

Hello everyone, please let me know your thoughts on this poem.

Your valuable feedback really helps me improve and I really want to thank each and every one of you for reading my poem, it really means a lot.


A few butterflies,

Wander around for a while.

Anxiety is the name,

She calls it exile.

The pounding accelerates,

from the heart to the brain.

The calm mind,

goes wild again.

The cold organism,

Is heated aflame.

Glows itself,

To frost the bane.

Shakes and dances

on its beat,

A gaspy chuff, in moment of heat.

Light headed, is it’s tweet.

Euphoric are those tingles,

Paresthesia, within.

Sends chills to the body,

And welcomes her in.

How could you?

Dear Jack,

I know we’re not together anymore and that you told me never to talk to or visit our home which is now yours, ever again. But I’m just here to collect my things and I’ll be off.

I hope you’re happy after doing all that you’ve done. Laughing again, enjoying your bright days and welcoming nights.

For,I am hurt and angry at you for doing this, but I’m more angry at myself for failing as a partner more importantly failing as a human.

Maybe there was something wrong with me that you took such an extreme step and shattered me whole, Jack.

I know I haven’t been the best partner but, have you? How could you hide such a thing from me Jack?

I am really glad I came across my files, wherein you tried to hide your secret but truth comes out someday or the other.

Why didn’t you tell me you were battling stage 2 cancer alone. Going for those chemotherapies alone and crying alone in the night!!

How could you, Jack!? Did you forget the vows you promised to me on our engagement night?

I’ll be true to you and never leave you alone, ever,

Till my last breath, My love.

Was this your way of being true to your love? By hiding the most important thing and by fighting this darkness alone!?

This the reason you broke up with me and told me never talk to you again for you’re not you anymore! Who gave you the right to decide for me, Jack?

Everyday and every second of my time without you, I kept wondering what did I do wrong that the love of my life isn’t talking to me anymore. I kept going through our last conversation again and again but I still couldn’t figure why my fiance broke up with me and gave me vague reasons for doing so.

How could you do this to me, to yourself, to us, Jack?


He was unknown,

to the darkness wherein,

The cimmerian twin was born within.

Her glistening eyes hid every sin,

Except the obscure shade of her kin.

Her Chalky cheeks,

Have vapid been.

Rosy lips master of,

Duping the rapturous grin,

The naive soul of his,

Fell for her trap, since the begin.

Unaware of the war,

she fought within.

The war that begun with a sin,

But never ended, in a win.