He denied her freedom,

dictated her life.

Abused when pleased,


She was his wife.

He bruised her,

Chained her soul,

Kept her against her wish,


She was his love.

He cared for her,

Nutured her soul.


when she angered him,

he could control himself,

No more.

One day,

she provoked his soul.


He slapped her cheeks,

bashed her head,

Kicked the gut


Pushed her whole.

He promised her,

she’ll regret this sin.


he striked her hard,

With a rod

Aimed for her head,

And she did fall.

He expected her to bleed

Or at least cry.

To beg for her life,

Or even try.


she didn’t plead,

Or even respond.

Her breathing stopped

her heart at halt.


her precious soul,

was now


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