Tipsy me, fictional thee.

I was running hastily

To meet my mom,

But I drank,

a bit too much,

before leaving the house.

Was so engrossed in my thoughts

I was running

like a dead mummy.

Didn’t know when the red

turned green

And the jam started to free,

A sudden loud honk

Banged in my ears

Frozed me to death

I was hyperventilating.

A powerful force,

Pulled me back

I fell towards it,

It caught me swiftly.

My back hit something hard,

That gripped my soul,

And never left me.

had an intoxicating smell.

That aroused me.

I saw his dark green eyes,

Staring at me

And his lovely lips,

Calling to me.

My heart was banging,

It went crazy!

His hand cupped my cheeks

Oh so delicately.

He told me breathe,

Oh baby, just breathe for me!

Our forehead’s collided,

Something fluttered,

inside me.

I jerked myself,

Away from him.

I was so stupid!

Was so close to a stranger,


Why was his closeness,

Affecting me?

But then I was alert

Alert like a bee,

For he was the man

who had just saved me

Who risked his life

And protected me.

When I thanked him

For saving me.

He replied in a weird way,

Oh so vaguely.

He said,

He’d sacrifice his heart and soul,

Kill and murder,

Just to protect me.


I was his soulmate

Whom he’d been searching.

Since centuries :

You won’t believe me,

You’d think I’m lying

But just give me sometime

And I’ll prove it to thee.

Till then,

take care my love.

For in the future,

You’ll be seeing more of me.

And then he left,

With bits of me.

Left me wondering,

For a while,

What if it’s true,

And he’s the one for me?

But then I hit myself hard

To come back to reality.


I wasn’t the only one

who had been under the influence

Of alcohol, that day.

Or maybe it was just those

Stupid fictions

I wrote,

Taking a toll on me.

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