Incredible India.

A place where,

A shrine,

Is Along side,

The house of red doors.

Saint are the ones

Who have visited the both.


You find extraterrestrials

Residing in dark rooms.

And homo sapiens

Guarding their foot doors.

The real freedom is experienced,

Only by one of those.


You cultivate crops,

In your farm lands.

By spreading

Natural fertilizers

To your own fields.


You save your daughters

And wives, from animals wild

And hippies.

And let them wonder

and search

For a nice place, to get free.


You educate, freedom of


And speech.

And honour the first ones,

With bullets and



Devi is worshipped

And is coloured red.

In the temples

and in the streets.


Milk serves many utilities,

From drinking

to offering.

To please and

get something, more worthy.


Age is just a number,

To explore the wonders

or her anatomy.

If explored too much,

Wasn’t your fault,

Twas just too tempting

For thee.


We are a country

Of billions.

And millions to feed.

With the most numbers

Of billionaires.

But even more in


What’s the name, you ask?

I live in,

The Incredible India, you see.

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