She wears that golden chain

across her neck.

Adorns those,

bangles in her wrist.

Garlands tinkling bells,

Around her feet,

That jingles in

Every corner or street.

And oh!

Applies that red vermillion


Shines like a pearl

in her hair.

Wears those

Toe rings of silver, in two.

That assures

He’s still alive

And she’s still true.

But her favourite

Is that wedding ring.

That symbolizes her

Her everlasting love

for him.

That promises,

She’ll be forever his.


Why is it,

That he wears

Only a ring

Or at times

Nothing at all.

That would symbolize

His holy matrimony

To her.

To all?

26 Replies to “Why?”

  1. The rings are given as a symbol and token of the love during marriage commitment.
    The ring it is round like a circle ⭕️. A circle is unbroken. Just as God ordain it from the beginning.
    The joining of hands and the lighting of the unity candle joins the couple as one, they are pronounced husband and wife.
    The toe rings and pearls is according to tradition and culture.
    InHisCare 🙏

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