Your glistening eyes,

Are oceans of West.

Your chiseled jaw,

Was Michaelangelo’s best.

Lusciously red lips

Are like rubies to my quest.

Pearly white smile,

Start palpations in my chest.

Your sleek chocolate browns

Are my favourite to jest.

Your calculated words,

And medium pitched tone,

Makes you different from rest.

Your fine manners,

And adonis morals,

Never leave me unimpressed.

May be,

I should confess

My love to you, my lovely pest,

Who has accompanied

My life,

With numerous tests.

And yet remains,

so unstressed.

What are you,

if not the best?

The one who never confessed,

His undying love.

For,he is scared.

What if he creates a mess

And leaves me depressed?

But, you wouldn’t know the outcome


Until you’ve expressed.

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