Uprooted, Abolished and Thrown.

Dear Mommy

I’d eat and sleep in your belly whole day, kick and play to tell you I’m awake. Smile and dance excitedly, to see you one day.

Cry a lot and bounce till May, to finally get acquainted and ready for you all. But it’d take too much time for me, to come out you see, for I would have various channels to cross and you’d have to show a lot of strength and courage for me. For I’ll do the same and come out quickly for thee.

And once I’d be out I’d be all bloody and white, I’d cry a lot for I’d be hungry. But the nurse will take care of me and would place me on your chest or in daddy arms to sleep.

And that would be my heaven, in your hearts forever I’d stay.

Dear daddy,

You’d panic alot when you’d see mommy vomit and eat like a hippo all day. But don’t worry, that’ll just be her daughter demanding a variety of foods. For I’d be famished all day.

And then you’d accompany mom for that check up, you’d see me smiling and rotating in mom’s belly.

I’d wave a hi or not do anything at all. For I’d rest in the day and keep you both entertained at night.

You’d tell those lovely stories to make me fall asleep. And you’d keep mommy happy and make her smile always. I’ll hear her melodious voice talking to me all day.

And after all those months of eating and enjoying ourselves, I’d finally be able to meet you all one day.

But why do I feel uneasy today?

Why do I feel numb and nothing at all? Where’s my food and where’s the drink for today? Where’s mom’s soothing voice or daddy’s lovely story of the day?

Why is there so much darkness all around? Why am I feeling suffocated? I feel I can’t breathe any more from today.

Ahh it pains and hurts,mom.

Where are you daddy?

Why don’t you come to save

your little girl?

Why am I being uprooted

From my mom today?

Wasn’t I worthy of being

Born someday?

To grow, to be a lady,

Who’d make you both,

proud someday?

But now,

I’m thrown away,

In a plastic bag,

you see.

For that’s what you do,

Throw the garbage,

Named she.

60 Replies to “Uprooted, Abolished and Thrown.”

  1. This is absolutely beautifully written, Shivani.
    That Little Princess, as well as every other baby deserves Life. A Life full of Circle ⭕️ of Love. πŸ’•Plenty of Hugs, to be Nurtured, Cared for and Protected.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes indeed, every living being deserves to live
      A life full of circle of love, so true!!!

      Thank you so much for reading this post Yonnie, humbled by your kind words and thoughts,truly.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Wow! Such a heartrending post. It brought tears to my eyes. I wish every person who contemplated abortion would read it. I work in the medical field and it is difficult to bear the callousness of some people. Continue the good work and may God bless and protect you.

    Liked by 3 people

    1. I’m glad I could convey the emotion I wanted to.
      Yes, it is difficult to bear with the dislike they have towards their own blood that they take such a drastic step.

      Oh thank you so much Beverley, your kind words really mean a lot to me.
      Thank you once again for stopping by and sharing your thoughts.


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