Forever and always.

I don’t want,

Diamonds or rubies,

or Pearls from sea.

I do want,

Your love and support &

Some time for me.

I don’t want,

Lilies or roses of

A dollar or 3

I do want,

those small chits of love,

you wrote for me.

I don’t want,

The moon, the stars

Or the galaxies.

A look into your eyes,

Is enough for me.

I don’t want,

Delicious chocolates

From Swiss, for me.

Your lovely kiss is

Sweet enough for me.

I don’t want

That expensive jacket

you bought for me.

Your strong embrace

Is warm enough for me.

I don’t want,

Pictures of you

with thoughts of me.

I do want,

The real you,

In front of me.

I really do not want,

Bits of you from

that screen.

I want the whole of you,

Forever with me.

31 Replies to “Forever and always.”

  1. Wow this is possibly the best and strongest piece you’ve ever written Shivani when I told you the words would flow when you were ready this is it now they’re really flowing well done it’s truly epic and so beautiful.☺️❀️

    Liked by 3 people

      1. I absolutely loved it Shivani your writing is evolving into something truly amazing you should be very proud.

        And I’m very proud of you too you know how good your writing is when somebody else feels those words hitting home beautifully done Shivani.❀️☺️

        Liked by 2 people

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