Poem 35 #

I wish to stay,

But then I keep running away.

I wish to be free,

But then I entangle myself in that chain.

I wish to have someone here by my side

But all I do is push them away.

I wish to talk my feelings out,

But I keep silent,

Or at times just burst off.

I wish I could tell you,

That I don’t want anything from you,

Except some love and hugs too.

But all I did,

Was push you away,

Told you to never conatct me again,

Told you that I hope we meet never again,

But I wish you knew how it keeps me killing me every night.

I know, my words don’t match my feelings at all

I’m sorry I hurt you, I hope you forgive me, some day,

But I feel, people might leave me anyways,

So why show, that I care, at all?

14 Replies to “Poem 35 #”

    1. Yes you’re right Ramyani!
      I hope that too, but what if it’s just a lie we feed ourselves to feel alright.

      Thank you so much for this comment, I’m extremely sorry for the late response, been off WordPress for a while


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