The boy who couldn’t love.

He’s scared I feel, scared to feel the same emotions once again, for the past has shattered his heart.

You can get close to him, see his smile, kiss his lips, hug him goodbye, but you’d never be close enough,

to see the tiredness in his rheumy eyes, that haven’t rested in a while.

to feel that his hugs arent home, they’re just weary arms holding you light,

That his kisses are just a way to distract his overthinking mind, he never smiles when you kiss him back.

For maybe he misses the one, whom he loved, in the past, maybe his last.

He searches for her pieces in others he meets, he smiles at them, tucks that extra piece of hair, gazes at them with the same curiousity, yet his heart, doesn’t agree.

He tells me he has moved on, but can one truly move on from true love? Forget their melodious voice, their breathtaking smile,and oh their expressive eyes?

He shows them how well he could love, if he could ever feel that, he withdraws himself whenever they try to get closer to him, for his heart aches to be free, to be one, with the girl of his dreams.

Maybe he is a amazing liar, he knows how to hide his true feelings and act like they don’t matter to him, when in fact he still prays for her at night,. Believes in destiny, prays for her happiness, prays that she is happy and all right.

And that if she’s the one who’s meant to be, he can wait then, because that’s what people do when they are in love, they wait.

And to the outside world, he tags himself as someone who doesn’t give a fuck about anyone but himself.

He’s been hurt in the past,

And now he’s scared.

But will he do anything about it?

I don’t know.

But I do know,

He wouldn’t be able to take it anymore, another heartbreak, the pain, the betrayal, the various hues of one sided love, he’ll once again go back to his cave and never come back his usual self.

Oh I do hope, that he finds someone who doesn’t leave his side and who loves him and who cherishes his goofy smile.

8 Replies to “The boy who couldn’t love.”

  1. Hi dear ShivaniπŸ™‹β€β™€οΈ Sounds like a friend both of us know. Perhaps he should just focus on himself and learn to become happy again just within himself. For he wont be able to share anything with anyone if he is not whole himself. Fantastic write my dear πŸ™

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