Dont leave this boy.

This boy with most expressive pair of eyes you’ve ever seen, the ones that would make your defunct heart alive and make you dance to its beat.

And oh his smile, would feel like hot chocolate on a wintry night, like a warm shower after a tiring day, like the first bite of hot molten choco lava cake.It would be so beautiful like the sunset by the sea, like the crescent moon in the grey sky, it feels incomplete to some, but oh when you’d see it’s beauty you’d realise, you’d never get tired of looking at that sight.

He would at times remind you of a 5 year old kid, with his tantrums and fights, he would want things in his own way and if not, then he would shoo you off, mumble things under his breath, then make weird expressions and eventually shush you away

.But after you agree to his demands, his lips would pout and give off his signature smile. He’d grab your waist and shower kisses on your entire face, until he hears that favourite giggle and sees that radiant smile on your face

.But to the outside world, he would act like an army chief. Where discipline and control is the only normal he has ever seen. Where things going out of hand would be seen as bad or wrong and he’d order you to rectify them,all. Or help you with those difficult tasks.


He’d not be the one who would verbally tell you how much you mean to him, rather he’d want you there by his side.

Where meeting him would mean being welcomed by his homely hugs, the ones that would make you feel calm and alive, he’d then kiss your forehead and his fingers would draw circles on your back,he’d move in rhythm and dance to the silence of your breaths.His eyes, oh his damn eyes, would follow you every where you go, he would observe the way you tuck that extra piece of strand behind your ears, the way you stand in akimbo when you argue with his viewpoint, your sly smile when you’re trying to be angry with him.

You would never catch him staring at you for he would be too quick to look away, but he would observe those tiny details all the time,from that little frown on your forehead, to those weird expressions you give off when you’re narrating the day’s plight.

Dont leave this boy, dont leave him at all, be there by his side, for he would always be there by yours too.–

Shivani Dubey

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