An ideal Daughter’s ordinary day.

Reach home before the owl starts hooting at night, before the skies turn grey.

Alert your dad or your brother about your location and reply to their messages asap, without any delay.

Carry a peppery spray, or chilli powder if necessary, or keep those emergency numbers in your speed dial ready,

Do not get too friendly with your building watchman, the doodhwala bhaiya, or the bhaji wala, down the street.

Do not accept that fizzy coke or the mango drink by that funny colleague or your boss who compliments you on your short dress, grey.

Whenever you’re in a Ola or uber make sure you appear to be on call with your made up boyfriend or dad who’ll meet / pick you up on way.

If you wish to meet that tinder date or that bumble guy, do not tell him your real address or meet in a public place away from your home, at least a mile.

Do not get into a car with him, alone, nor go out in a secluded place, meet him before the sunsets too low, wear something casual, not too revealing, or he’d make you his prey.

Do not share your personal details, share as minimal things as possible, what if he later gets furious that dont wish to see him further, he could stalk you, hurt you, or make you pay.

Do not smile at unknown men or take their help in malls or grocery stores, keep your distance with them and you will be okay.

At night, do not look at those mumbling drunkards or stare in their way, ignore their presence and walk fast, as fast you can, maybe run away.

When you’re on a bus stand or railway station boarding the last train, cover your self up with a dupatta and pray to God’s unknown and once you step inside your house,

be thankful that you weren’t molested or raped today.

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