Be Aware! – The Ogre named Overthinking.

Part I – Be aware! – The Ogre named Overthinking

Part 2- A few signs you could be overthinking!

Part 3- How does it affect you?

Part 4 – How to get over this thinking – Ways to overcome this habit of overthinking.

“Your overthinking isn’t helping”

Where am I overthinking this? Which part?

I need you to stop overthinking , please.

She read the message one last time before deleting them off and ruminates over her actions from the previous days, the moon slightly nudges her face, hot tears slide down fall into the dark soil, where the wilted leaves dry away. She stands unaware, the various what ifs beseech her heavy head, salty tears complete her appetite for the day.

We have all at some point in our lives thought about some problem, a riddle, a difficult phase and have indulged in deep thinking, ie thinking about the problem until we have achieved a solution to that, then it’s all back to normal and we are fine.

But what happens when we can’t let go of these thoughts and they are going on in a cycle, they never stop?

This is phenomenon which is quite normal as people say, is dangerous for it just starts with a simple thought that occupies your mind, but once you find the solace in revisiting those events, you find another option, yet another solution to that past thing that you could have done better. “Maybe I could’ve said this in the presentation that day, maybe I should have told my boss he can have things his way, etc”.This phenomenon is known as Overthinking and it is linked with other psychological problems such as depression, anxiety, post traumatic stress disorder, etc.

This particular post has been divided into four parts, the first part is being aware that you are Overthinking – thinking more than you should, so much so that it has started affecting your daily life functioning. The later ones include the signs, how it affects you, physically, mentally and emotionally, lastly, how do you deal with overthinking.

It’s not only in your professional life that you engage in overthinking,, but rather even in your Interpersonal relationships, ie, your relationship with your family, friends, significant other. You’re stuck with the various what ifs, you feel it is difficult to fully trust your partner or your family member, feel they would cheat upon you or leave you from someone else, also find it difficult to fully trust the person and believe that whatever they are saying is the actual truth. In family setting you feel anything you do is not enough, maybe they dislike your presence, hate your eating or living habits, which would never truly be the case.

It is affects your Intrapersonal relationship, ie, the one you have with yourself, you shall doubt your own capabilities and your own self worth and find that you will have something or the other you did that makes you look like a bad person, an ugly child or a loser, a horrid partner. You will doubt your own self esteem, feel low about it and helpless that you cant seem to be better than others. You didn’t do enough, you should try to make up to the things that happened years ago.

The various what ifs are never ending, you’re being surrounded by them night and day, your day would begin with them, you won’t realise when you drank the coffee or reached the office, you won’t observe those people calling you in way, won’t remember if you have even eaten or had water, hell, have you even rested enough for the day?

At night when everyone tries to sleep peacefully, you find it difficult to get away from these thoughts, they said just turn off your thoughts, oh no, it doesn’t it stop, it keeps you awake all night, you sleep hardly a wink and even when you do, you wake up in cold sweat and the same nightmare keeps you awake yet another night, you keep thinking, till the moon leaves trails and the dawn peaks in the sky far away.

Do you feel you have experienced the following at some point or the other in your life?

Stay tuned for the next post to know more about the actual signs that you could be overthinking!

Thank you! If you have any doubt or questions related to them, please feel free to ask.

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