Letter 100001

A letter to Idiot wrapped in silver foil,

I am sorry the one you loved never loved you back, I can only imagine the pain you would have undured at such young age. When you would have watched the love of your life, the one you saw a future with, a woman who would have made it all worked, the one who would hold you tight and tell you its okay, okay to cry, okay to be vulnerable, in her arms you’d forever stay.

You imagined a future with the one, who’s sweet voice would echo in every corner of your dull place. she would make it a paradise, your hard work and her love would give birth to small bundles of joy, who she would caress in her lovely arms sing lullabies about their dad, how he never gave up and was always strong for them, the man of her dreams, her protector, the one who offered love and gave her chaotic life, peace.

I am sorry instead she left, left you for a man she thought would cater her needs and let you away. The weak castle of sand she promised would withstand everything that came her way, she ran away at the first sight of the violent waves. But you were there, you felt your life collapse, just like the castle of sand, the waves took them away to a land unknown, and so did your heart and the trust that never came back to you or so you thought and often say.

You’re a lover of nature, jungle the sea, you feel an eerie connection to them because thats where you feel free, you are free from the societal expectations, you no longer have to portray you are strong, for you know there is an entity stronger than us all, that is ready to strike and never afraid.

I am sorry the world didn’t understand your true emotions, all you ever wanted was a simple life, a wife who would love you, that is the only thing that would please you, your books by your side and a the sea and a open blue sky, where you can fish and hunt, tell stories to the mountain pyre, box away your fears and prove them you re still the alpha shinning in light.

I heard that you drowned yourself in alcohol night and day, replaced food with white pills and serum old, aren’t you a strange man,  who thought he was destroyed, yet, never was defeated, nor can you ever be, for you are strong, I wish they told you this, I wish they told you, you are enough and that you dont need someone who would leave you for another.

But you did what any one would do, you drowned yourself in work night and day, damn those chics, who cares about them always? they are plenty of fishes, innumerable variety among them too, then why settle for a plain ordinary fish who ran away?

You will however find the one, someday, also shattered in the same way, broken into pieces, who surrounds herself with the same bloodied knuckles, broken and feeble fate, empty and plain. Hollow eyes garland her face, she would be the same half that you  were cut from, hopelessness would surround her way, she too would be scared to ever come out from her maze, for aren’t we scared to lose? Break those walls that kept us safe? This damsel would have the perfectly creased lips, rosy with a tint of shine, but her words as sweet as her voice would strike arrows down your tired heart every time you would try to keep her safe, you aren’t the only one who was this ill fated, my dear introvert guy.

To be continued….

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