Honour Thyself.

Have you ever felt like this single person was destined for you? He was always looking after you, smiling at you, giving you compliments, doing all that cheesy stuff for you.

You too have been helping him, giving him your precious time and felt empathic towards him, you liked him a lot and you even confessed your true feelings for him.

Then suddenly, he confesses his love for someone else and you realize what a grave fool you’ve been all the time, embarrassing yourself in front him and everyone else. It’s like all of the world’s burden is upon your small shoulders and all of a sudden you are shattered into pieces.

You curse yourself, feel damn angry, cry out, isolate yourself, think about him, won’t eat won’t sleep, engage in overthinking.

It’s alright to cry or think about it for a day or two but then don’t make this your life, don’t think this is the end of life.

I mean it wasn’t your fault. You just liked the person for the way he was and you thought that maybe he was giving you subtle signs that made you believe he likes you. How’s that your fault?Anyone would’ve thought the same.

You haven’t done anything wrong to feel shattered or heart broken or anything! Let this be a lesson for your delicate flower like heart, don’t trust strangers.

Love thyself.

If you love yourself you’ll see that your lovely petals will blossom up heavenly! And your fragrance will lighten you up and everyone around you.

So don’t worry about what will happen, how will I face him what will he think of me, etc. After a time you’ll forget about it. Time is a natural healer it’ll heal the past wounds, just have some patience.

Yes in the start it’ll be very difficult for you to manage life, you’ll think about giving up, feel like crying, wanna stay alone locked up. But please don’t do this to yourself, that person is way too unimportant in your life, he wasn’t worth your love, support and time. So just please do yourself a favor and engage in activities that give you happiness, make you feel lively, read, draw, dance, go out for walks, but for fucks sake do not think about the past!

Just be yourself, love yourself and you’ll find the right one for you. This person will be very happy to have you in his life, will cherish your smile, laugh your mistakes and kiss away your sorrows. But just give it time, till then keep loving yourself. For if you rush in you’ll end up with a broken heart! Everything happens at the right time at the right place, always remember that.

I too have learnt my lesson, this guy that I like, loves someone from the bottom of his heart, he’s really crazy about her and here I was fantasizing about the fragmented ‘us’

I just came to know that I’ve embarrassed myself in front of him and I was a fool to think he likes me. In reality he doesn’t even care about me or my feelings.

I feel like shit but I’ll live. I’ll be gloomy for a day or more but I’m truly happy that I have realized my mistake : never like a stranger for stranger’s danger.

I’ve also learnt never trust anyone except yourself and never love anyone except yourself.

So, you don’t need anyone to make you feel happy, loved or cherished you yourself are very much capable of taking care and loving yourself!

New beginning.

My life hasn’t been stable at all, it’s been a heck of a rollercoaster ride for sure. Apart from my family and friends, there’s been this one special person who has always kept me motivated and made sure that I smiled throughout my recent life occurrences.

It just feels lovely to read his blogs. We don’t talk everyday but talking to him for even 5 mins makes me happy!

His poems, his writings have truly showed me a whole new perspective of life and taught me to overcome my fears.I’m not sure if he even knows about it.

He is a person who loves describing everything, even the smallest of the small details. He’s extremely loving, kind, confident and is a perfect adonis! He helps random strangers even though he’s shy.

I do feel I like him even more. Maybe it’s more than a crush now.

I will be very disheartened if he doesn’t reciprocate the same feelings, but everything happens for a reason and sooner or later I have to accept the reality.

Life has taught me that you must accept whatever comes your way and not crib about it. If it’s meant to happen it’ll happen whether you like it or not.

So it’s in your hand whether to accept it happily, or get irritated and not accept it and let if affect your life.

Life’s too short to live in vain.

So please, Smile.

That’s what I’ve learned from my family, even at life’s worst strife keep up that grin and don’t lose it, ever!!

For you look good when you smile and I really love it when you do!

And do not forget :

You’re very beautiful and utterly special in your own way, so please don’t be sad or gloomy just because someone doesn’t like you.

That’s all I’d like to say to all of you who are sad right now and don’t feel they’re worthy of living.

In the end, Life will always go on. So just accept whatever comes your way whether good or bad, if good then smile, if bad then learn from it and improvise!

Restart your journey with a new beginning for it’s never too late to start out fresh.

Just accept whatever comes your way with a Smile and you’ll see a whole new you, Blossoming! 🌻