How can you call her ugly?

For she is oh so snuggly!

How can you call her a beast?

Ever gave those dreamy eyes a glance at least?

Sweety is a name that fits her style.


She has lightened up my dull life

Accompanied me in life’s worst strife

Taught me how to smile.

She is as innocent as a child

with a heart so kind!

Who got my direction less life, aligned.

I’ll never leave your side.

I’m smiling even though he’s sad,

For he thought I left.

oh my naive lover!

From the rising of the sun to its setting

your poems turn my sorrow to joy,

my sadness to happiness.

The sole reason I am living and

Not surviving,

Is because you’re accompanying me

Each day and every minute of my life.

So don’t you ever think

I’ll leave you ever!

For I’ll always be by your side

Forever and ever in my life.


When he first visited me, he said I’m the cutest!Then didn’t talk for a while

Now, that we met after a very long time, I missed his writings so damn much

His compliment kept ringing in my mind but I think maybe he was just being kind?

I thought he wrote the lovely verses for me, waited to see my smile but what if they were for someone else?

he said I’m special one but what if he’s being modest?

He called me beautiful but everyone’s beautiful in his eyes!

I don’t understand this thing going on with me, over my one sided crush for him.

Does he even like me or is he just being friendly?


All of this could just be fragments of my imagination,

And here I go :

Embarrassing myself even more!

Wake up.

Ever had this dream in which, someone truly likes you a lot, fantasizes about your beautiful smile, wants to ravish those lovely lips of yours, falls in love with your soul at last?

You liked this guy too,were in love with his hazel eyes, his wonderful soul, his exquisite verses and wished for him be close.


just give this dream a thought, my naive dreamer :

The beautiful thoughts,

The shiny eyes,

were illusions of the past.

The love that you thought,

Was awaiting you.

Found someone more

Worthy than you.

You thought you could live that lovely dream,

With your

prince charming waiting for you?

No,my love

Tis your worst nightmare,

Ya better be awake,


Freddie’s coming for you.

Dear adonis of mine.

How do I make you believe,

I loved every inch of line

Your heart carved out for me?

These stupid lips couldn’t maintain a straight line

Fought hard and

curved with smile.

Ached to reach you,

Only to be shut by my teeth.

These vapid cheeks of mine,

Burned up,

To taste the sauce

of your love.

Enlighten me then,

Aren’t you toilsome too?

in every possible way,

creating puzzles in the jigsaw life of mine!

And ask me why I am difficult all the time?

So, my love

you were busy thinking about me

All this while?

I’m sorry,

I was too busy reminiscing

those lovely thoughts about you.