The past.

In the past, we had a blast.

Enjoyed each moment until it’s last.

Showered messages long and vast.

But winced on the ones aghast.

The past bought meaning to our cast.

Showed me it’s okay to be an outcast.

To think rationally, rather than type out shit so fast

To walk on a path full of broken glass

With bloodied feet and the dead hand of the past.

In the end it’s all the past

so let’s not dwell upon it

for who knows how long it might last.

This is my incomplete story of past

Yet to reach the stage of last.

Truly messing up with my brain, oh so fast!

But killing me each second as the time passed.

My Wonder-hellous life. 

My mom tells me I’m as lazy a Panda,

When I get angry she beats me with a danda,

Then I tell her ‘Mom I’m as sensitive as a anda’

She tells me ‘Beta that’s my funda’,

She confuses me just like the spelling of Uganda,

I Just realized writing poems isn’t my dhanda!

Btw why are you reading this poem?

Tell me what’s your agenda?

Do you need a reason to be happy?

Are you disheartened because no one loves you? Are you angry because you are useless? Are you sad because everyone hates you? And that people think you don’t deserve to be happy and you think that too?

Well then, you’ve just come to the right place, my friend!

How about I give you some reasons to be happy right now?

Firstly, you are born on Earth! Do you really need an introduction about our Mother Earth? That she actually cares about you in every way possible?

Secondly, someone loves you and cares about you. They might not express their feelings explicitly, but simple gestures of kindness like asking you about your whereabouts, helping you when you’re in need,etc also mean that they love and care for you.The way you talk, the way you smile, your silly expressions actually makes someone’s day. It even includes your pets too! Because they love you more than anyone else.

You are truly unique in your own way. You may not be like be others and it’s really not necessary to think and act like the herd. And because you aren’t like others, you are special.

You’re a Fighter! You know why? Because you cross the difficult path of life by fighting all the obstacles that come your way. And you always find some solution to this difficulty shows that you are a fighter and that you never give up! You are always growing! Not because of your age or height, but because you are trying. And when you try, you grow. You are trying to be successful, trying to achieve something. And you aren’t just quitting like a loser. Even though you fail at times, you try again and again until you finally achieve what you aimed for. Just like the spider who tries to climb his web and fails repeatedly, but never quits climbing it. And at last, he reaches his destination.

You are a Super Hero! However bad you think you maybe, but you still have this pinch of humanity always in you. Even though you haven’t saved anyone’s life, but your words might have. Talking to anyone who suffers from any kind of disorder may it be mental or physical, is really brave. Not only disorder but also talking to people who are pain and are sad just like you and me is really a brave act.

Not everyone comes to help first. But the one who does, is really courageous.

A few things that I’ve gotta say before we wrap up:

  • I love how you fight, for rights, for people, for animals, for yourself, etc
  • I love that you don’t give up!
  • That you always try your level best for someone else.
  • That you help someone, even though you don’t know them.
  • That you forgive someone,who wasn’t even worth your forgiveness
  • I love that you say sorry, even if it wasn’t your mistake.
  • I love when you always think positive and never allow those negative thoughts to wander in your brain.
  • Love that you respect everyone, old or young, men or women.
  • I love it when you smile.

So smile often and scowl less,

Be happy and worry less.

For life is like an ice cream,

Enjoy it before it melts!

You Before Us.

Your smile would enchant my soul,Your presence alone would light up my world

Your life stories inspired me,I loved the days when we were ‘We’

Then came the drastic change,in which our life’s were rearranged

There were fights between us, you believed I was the one making a fuss.

We were together not anymore,for it was always your ego whom you valued even more.

Now I don’t care if I sound like a cuss, for it was always You and Yourself before Us.

Our Journey.

When I first met you, I sensed your depth,when asked to believe you, I wept.

Everytime I thought about you, my heart skipped a beat,whenever I met you, my body turned up with heat.

I was scared to be around you,I won’t lie,with my growing anxiety I thought I might die.

Then came the day you awaited for, you shared your feelings deeply hidden inside your core.

Your love gave me the strength that made me forget my fear, you made promises to be together and near.

We met everyday, until last May. Our meetings had finally come to an end.

But our journey together had just began.

Contemporary History.

I look up at the sky,

Wondering how the time flies by?

It’s seems like yesterday when you were born,

Now you’re 9,what a complete transform!

When you were younger, you were shy and silent,

But now you’re all extrovert and voilent.

I’ll keep this poem short and sweet,

For our journey together will be longer than your tweet.

The memories that we share are history,

But this history will always be contemporary.