Poem 50#

She remembers crying late that night
Praying for dad, searching for him among the gloomy skies.
Her mother handling her a tiny gas lamp,
Empty it felt, weak it was, to survive the night.

Yet she waited for him silently,
Her stomach beseeched her dad,
He had promised her, they’d both eat dinner together,
Then he’d read the Princess and the knight.

She protected that perishing light,
Kept praying to the God unknown,
With weak words and trembling hands.
Just please let daddy be all right’.

And oh, he was all right,
he bought the frigid winds alongside,
Entered abode and gusted in,

Her dying light, fell right into her sight.

But did he care?

She asks herself the same thing, every night.

Poem 49#

They ask me how I feel nowadays,
I tell them,
Like the full moon, in a sombre sky
Surrounded by the stars and the grey clouds,
Solus, all night.

But he still happy and whole, they object

At what cost? I ask

They never reply.

Poem 48#

They all love the red rose,
Tell me,
They are allured by his aura so bright.
His soft petals, they adore,
It’s vibrant hue, they match with their core.
But his thorns they pluck aside.
For it pins the wound, they wish to ignore.

Yet I can’t stop loving his thorns,
The sweet pain,
It makes my numb heart, alive.

I hide him away from the world, undisclosed.
He rests,
In between the crevices of my grim diary,
One filled with dried ink and lost hope.

Mum told me,
That one day I shall throw him out of my sight,
Will stop loving it’s thorns.
Stop checking up on him.
In time, he will die.

Yet everytime I try to keep the rose away from me,
I feel like the naive bird,
Who flutters in the direction unknown,
Until her debilitated heart can no more explore,
It aches to go home,to her abode.

Mum found my diary, tonight,
She threw him away
Out of her sight.
For she said
It was
for the best,my child.

And now,

We both die,

Little by little,

Under the moon’s glint light.

Dear (Introverted) Man.

I hope you’d be happy with the girl you meet this time.
Tell her your real motive and don’t hide.
Tell her, how much relationships scare you,
How they make you feel helpless
You think you’d lose your freedom.
You’d lose the time you spend by yourself,
Completing your favourite novel, or providing aid to your best friend.
How you’d miss all of this, if you’re in a relationship mess.

Tell her,
How you can’t be there for her always,
For you have goals to be achieved,
You feel this would distract you, you’d never wish to compromise.
Your family and money
Are the only things you were taught to care about.
For you’re a Tough Man, who must always act wise.

There are days,
When you’ve felt you’re not good enough,
The ghosts of the past kept you awake,
But you hushed them off, by binging your favourite TV show.
Or driving around the meadows,low.

You get over feelings and emotions by exhausting that numb heart,
By pushing yourself towards that one last push up, or few more squats.
For in the end, it’ll make the monster under your bed, silent for sometime.

Tell her,
That the world expects you to act tough,
Expects you to not care about cuddles or hugs,
Yet you wish, she’d hold you tight,
Kiss away your petrified side,
Or cuddle up in a warm blanket, to ease your plight.
Tell her how much you ache for those forehead kisses,
They make your dense heart, feel light.

They’ve moulded you into a sturdy man, I know,
One that doesn’t get worked up at the thought of goodbye.

But tell her,
how you really hate goodbyes.
For it means, going away,
And going away means forgetting.
Which, your halftone mind will accept, but your inane heart, oh it’ll die.

This time,
Tell her, what you really feel like,
Don’t hide behind the blanket of
‘I don’t care’
‘Oh yes, I am fine’

So what if you’re a man?
It’s okay to not be okay at times.
She’d understand there’s more to you,
Than what you show to the world.
And she’d accept that part,
And I promise,
She’d never leave your side.

Poem 45#

I often think about the past,

Was I really happy that time?


Was it all always a lie?

We met accidentally, right?

With a swift swipe and a shy hi

We exchanged snaps overnight,

Your hazel eyes,

And smug smile, never left my mind.

You told me you felt oddly connected to me,

That my ambiguous expressions made you smile.

But maybe getting attached isn’t fine

That this weird feeling haunted you all the time.

I wonder,was all of that a part of the play?

Where you deceive the person

And then act like you don’t care?

Your hazel eyes, they baffled my life.

They say eyes are a window to the soul,

I gazed into yours,

And I found home.

You know,

Every time we met

You stared at me,

Gazed a little longer into my eyes

My heart heard things,

You never said.


this is all good for fiction, I’d say

For in reality, eyes often deceive,

And oh,

they lie.

Poem 44#

The little sparrow kept humming a cheerful song today, she sang about the one she adored from far away, how fell for his gentle soul,passion oozed through his words and curiousity shadowed his life.

She sang of the days they first met, danced and rejoiced as she reminisced the past, happily chirped around. The crows and parrots supported her chime.

But then she suddenly became too quiet, her cheerful chirps altered into an elegy, a mournful cry.

He’d left her to move away to a far away land, for he was a curious soul, a wanderer that dreamt about the life high up in the sky.

She couldn’t ever confess her undying love for him, for she knew it would burden his soul, hinder him from achieving his goal.

Thus she decided to move away from him, she pushed him away and left his side.

But now,

She sings an elegy for him every day.

Tells him how she waits for him every night,

how she prays to the almighty he is all right,

That he flies high up in the sky,

she believes he’ll do it one day.

Tells him how she still loves him after all this while.

She hopes that he comes back, someday, in time.

Poem 43#

I often agree on one thing,
But end up doing the exact opposite, all the time.
I told you I won’t contact you ever again,
Yet every night as I am about to fall asleep,
I keep revisiting our old chats,
The fights, the assumptions,
The closure and oh the goodbyes,
All come back like to life.
I find new ways to reconnect with you,
But when I do,
I realize you are fine without me,
That my messages would be replied back in a word or three.
That I should be the one to always text first,
For without that, the conversation between us would be none.

But even during that time,

I’d never lose hope,
I’d start the conversation anew,
Feed myself a lie
One that would make me feel, maybe you are shy,
Maybe you didn’t know how to open up to strangers, after all this time.
Only to make a fool out of myself,
When you tell me about your night life.
I guess, it was my fault after all,
I couldn’t keep up with those goodbyes.
I often wanted the closure,
Wished for that last goodbye,
Or to meet you, just one last time.

And now,

In between all of those messages,
And those lies,
The girl infront of me,
I hardly recognise.