Stairway of life.

I climb the stairway, the stairway of life.

With eleventy tacks and spike.

It bruises my fingers and mars my toe

But I keep scaling, to reach my goal.

Intermittently I find myself,

surrounded by dim and gloom.

Thought of termination, matches the mood.

For is it really worth,

To keep climbing,without the sight of glow?

But then, a light dazzles infront of my eyes,

Extends a hand and tells me to fight.

To never halt, for that isn’t right.

And then I rise from the gloomy dome,

Mount myself to reach my goal.

For there are no escalations in the stairway of life,

You have to climb yourself and make things right.

No words Wednesday.

No words Wednesday challenge by Sajal.

Post a picture of any dog or puppy and let the picture do the work of talking.

I guess we only have to post one picture, but I can’t help but post bubu’s ( the pup’s) second picture as well.

Here’s mine :

Picture credit : Shivani Dubey.

Location : Mumbai,India.