I saw a little dog in my way, feeble and lean.

Ambushed by other dog’s hunger and greed.

They pinched and bit her delicate skin so hard.

She silently survived all their wrath.

I screamed at them, a rock I threw.

They hurried away, they flew.

Left me alone with the delicate being,

who neither moved nor screamed.

I took her to my home, I hurried.

she remained motionless oh so quietly.

I saw a string around her sinking neck,

it assured me, she was someone’s pet.

I tried feeding water and milk,

She drank nothing, oh she wept!

I called the vet to check her health,

She was on my lap, fighting death.


she took a deep breath & looked into my eyes,

Her eyes twitched, my heart ached.

She lied down on my lap, she fell.

The vet declared her dead, it was trauma he said.

No words Wednesday.

No words Wednesday challenge by Sajal.

Post a picture of any dog or puppy and let the picture do the work of talking.

I guess we only have to post one picture, but I can’t help but post bubu’s ( the pup’s) second picture as well.

Here’s mine :

Picture credit : Shivani Dubey.

Location : Mumbai,India.