Is it okay to be like this?

Do we fall in love with how the person actually is? Or the idea of them we have inside our brain,

We love to romanticize their dull eyes, their scam smiles and their honey dripped lies.

And oxytocin supports our beliefs overtime, the hugs feels heavenly, the kiss seems like a delight.

Their normal expressions seem so special, “the love drug” keeps playing tricks on our mind

Then we slowly start imagining scenarios in which they have married us and we are living a “happily ever after life”

But alas, infatuation or lust is temporary, most of the times,

You become obsessed with them, like an addict, you’re drawn to their presence and keep pestering them all the time,

Asking them about their whereabouts, feel insecure, jealous, feel that pit in the stomach when they dont give you importance,

You wish to keep them happy, no matter what, never wish to go against them, wish to be by their side, even though it hinders your self esteem all the time.

Until one day they tell you,

dont contact me ever again”

And you realise, that infatuation played you well

You’re heartbroken, you feel this is the end of life,

When in reality, it’s not.

For now is the time you shine,

You give yourself the love and importance you deserved all the time.❣

Poem 34#

He is here by my side,

Sitting in front of me, gazing straight into my eyes.

I tell him how this won’t work, I dislike ambiguity in my life,

That maybe now it’s time to move on, for he was leaving finally, this time.

He looks at me with rhuemy eyes, accepts that statement and assures me it’s completely fine

I get up and ask him to hug me for the last time,

He hugs me and kisses me goodbye, rests his nose along side mine,

I love you and I’ll miss you when you leave this time,

Miss this touch, the smell of you and your lovely eyes.

You’re scared that once you Ieave, I shall forget you,

But didn’t you know?

I am only yours.

So please smile and leave happily, go live your life,

For I’ll always be here, waiting for you,

I know we shall be together, someday, in time.

I suddenly woke up from the dream that seemed too similar, except those last lines.

For I couldn’t confess the last lines, for I knew that he couldn’t be tied down by promises of time, for he is a restless soul, a traveller of time, he is a free bird who can’t be tied down to the cage of love, maybe letting him go is the best way to accept him.

Why does this happen?

When I give up the thought of you returning back,Accept, that maybe we weren’t meant for each otherEven though we did make each other happy sometimes.And that now it’s time to make things right.Forget you and start living my life.You casually slide in, portraying everything is fine.

Thank you once again!🌸

Maybe we’re strangers,

But writing is what connected our soul.

Maybe we feel,

We’re incomplete and lost,

But writing is what made us whole.

I’m so delighted to share this happiness with you all, without whom this wouldn’t have been possible!

I’ll be honest, I never thought my poems would be ever read by even one person at all thus I never felt the need of publishing them here.

But after publishing a few poems the response that I got, really amazed me. I got to learn so many new things by reading the post of various amazing people on WordPress.

Also, I never a get a chance to say this, but being here made me realize that it’s okay to be vulnerable at times and it’s okay fail, but it’s really not okay to give up!

The positivity on WordPress is truly contagious and I’m so glad to be a part of this wonderful community.

I can’t thank you all enough for being here and for all the support and love you have showered me with!

Thank you once again!🌸😊

Poem 17#

The wind keeps testing my patience,

Every other day new.

Gently nuzzles me at times,

Provides solace too.

Then suddenly leaves,

Out of the blue.

I wish to be by his side,

But I can feel,

Not see his plight.

For he quickly hides,

And leaves my side.

For he doesn’t wish to be known,

Nor be persued.

Thus he comes and goes as he likes,

Stays in one place, times very few.

I love his presence,

my heart aches for it too,

But how do I tell him,

My feelings are really true?

Poem 6#

Little Amy,

Thin and tan,

Was my first acquaintance,

When I entered the clan.

She is very silent,

And oh so shy!

She is very green, lively,

And tall as the sky!

She is very compassionate,

And oh so kind!

She tells me they’re nice,

Even though they hurt her,

She forgives them all the time,

She forces me to follow her advice,

Tells me adjust,

To have some patience,

And smile.

She fancies the birds,

Sings along with them,

all the time,

She provides them solace

When they are hurt at times.

Provides them shelter,

Rests by their side.

She loves the rain

When the first drop touches her face

She dances and sways,

Giggles, all the way.

The cooling breeze

Provides her aid.

And the sun.

makes her happy,

She loves her tan!

She’s a preacher,

A mentor,

Who is altruistic, all the time.

She is little Amy,

Who is a dear friend of mine.