Tenebrous Ogre.

The phantom resides in the shadowed passage.

Pessimism impregnates it,

Cynicism makes it whole.

Sparkle is an abomination

Gaiety, abhorred.

Gloominess embraced, in this humongous hole.

Barbed lasso captures the cerebrum whole,

Relishes the cardinal beat, slowly bit a slow.

Lurks and sneaks everytime she’s alone.

I’ll survive.

The white walls, cold marble floors

Sharp arrows piercing the hole,

The cold bed shivering my soul,

The monster in shadows, gulping me whole.

I’ll survive it.

Survive it all,

for no one will come to my rescue,

Except me, Alone.

Murky me.

No one’s perfect,

Or could ever be.

But for that one special person,

You’re his perfect being.

You’re his life,

His eternity.

Why is that,

Everyone’s in love,

Infront of me?

Is there something,

Wrong with me?

For I don’t have anyone

To care for me?

To make me smile?

To say forever,

Is what he aims to be.

And eternal,

Is what our love will be.

I’m told,

I would never find

Someone who’ll love me.

For I’m the darkness,

Of the night.

That’ll bring nightmares,

And he’ll be fright.


Everyone likes that bright moon

Shining at night.

But without the darkness,

Would it shine?