Poem 53#

Does your heart ever beat aloud, when my name pops on your screen?

Does your face heat up, or do your lips start to smile?

Do you ever look up at the sky and gaze at the moon sometimes?

Remember our previous conversations and way you hugged me, tight?

Do my thoughts ever cross your mind,

Whenever you’re busy at work, trying to study, or sleep at night?

Do you even remember the words you said before you first kissed me,

Or way you smiled so bright?

I wouldn’t know, anymore.


I do know you’re searching for a girl who’d fit into your world.

Who is different than the others, you’ve met,
Someone who adds value to your life, understands you.
Doesnt expect you to be perfect,
Rather, accepts your various hues.

Doesn’t give up on you, when you push her aside,
Who keeps texting you, even though you hardly reply,
Who is always loyal to you, honest and never lies.

You’re a man of few words,
You pretend to listen and hardly reply,
But expect others to listen to you,
but do you comply?

You welcome people, but never let them in,
You know their secrets, hardly share your worries, at times lie.
When confronted, you dive in your cave, you sigh.

You overthink, overanalyze, but keep mum, in your agony, you die.
But tell others that overthinking isn’t right

You have peculiar moods, one in which you wish to be left alone,
One in which you’re no longer the gloomy soul, you’re cheerful,
full of life,
Alas it doesn’t last that while,
And finally the one,in which, your mood, monosyllables provide.

But there’s this void, this tiny black hole,

That exists within you, in your heart,

That is masked by your smile,

One that I can see in your eyes.

What if it forever resides?

Poem 48#

They all love the red rose,
Tell me,
They are allured by his aura so bright.
His soft petals, they adore,
It’s vibrant hue, they match with their core.
But his thorns they pluck aside.
For it pins the wound, they wish to ignore.

Yet I can’t stop loving his thorns,
The sweet pain,
It makes my numb heart, alive.

I hide him away from the world, undisclosed.
He rests,
In between the crevices of my grim diary,
One filled with dried ink and lost hope.

Mum told me,
That one day I shall throw him out of my sight,
Will stop loving it’s thorns.
Stop checking up on him.
In time, he will die.

Yet everytime I try to keep the rose away from me,
I feel like the naive bird,
Who flutters in the direction unknown,
Until her debilitated heart can no more explore,
It aches to go home,to her abode.

Mum found my diary, tonight,
She threw him away
Out of her sight.
For she said
It was
for the best,my child.

And now,

We both die,

Little by little,

Under the moon’s glint light.

Poem 43#

I often agree on one thing,
But end up doing the exact opposite, all the time.
I told you I won’t contact you ever again,
Yet every night as I am about to fall asleep,
I keep revisiting our old chats,
The fights, the assumptions,
The closure and oh the goodbyes,
All come back like to life.
I find new ways to reconnect with you,
But when I do,
I realize you are fine without me,
That my messages would be replied back in a word or three.
That I should be the one to always text first,
For without that, the conversation between us would be none.

But even during that time,

I’d never lose hope,
I’d start the conversation anew,
Feed myself a lie
One that would make me feel, maybe you are shy,
Maybe you didn’t know how to open up to strangers, after all this time.
Only to make a fool out of myself,
When you tell me about your night life.
I guess, it was my fault after all,
I couldn’t keep up with those goodbyes.
I often wanted the closure,
Wished for that last goodbye,
Or to meet you, just one last time.

And now,

In between all of those messages,
And those lies,
The girl infront of me,
I hardly recognise.

Poem 40#

His lustrous eyes,

Seemed too dim, I didn’t know why.

Seemed like the bright sea, on eclipsed night.

His usual smirk,

Replaced by an unusual sigh,

When I asked him to hug me for the last time,

He seemed hesitant in the start,

but later pulled me close to his chest

And rested for a while.

He smelled like the morning dew,

Like the balmy morning on the rainy day, anew.

And as he lay his nose against mine.

I stood on my toes to match his height,

He placed his arms by my waist, kissed me for the last time,

The kiss was sweet, nectary, I didn’t mind,

But in the end left me with a salty aftertaste,

Tear stained, I left his side.



Him : I think I like you..

(Brain :Why would he say that? Maybe he’s just confused,or maybe he’s just lying.

Heart : What if he genuinely likes us?

Brain : You don’t know what you’re talking about, he’s just a player and he’s lying)

Her : I think maybe it’s just infatuation?

Him: Umm..( Brain : I fucking told you, we should’ve never confessed!She thinks our feelings are a joke.

Heart : Maybe she’s confused, or maybe it’s just too soon for her, she could be scared to accept her real feelings, give her sometime

Brain : We’ve already made a joke out of ourselves, just cut her out)

Him : Umm…. Yeah maybe you’re right, it’s just infatuation…


Him : Okay, we’ll talk, tell me what is happening?

Her :Umm…idk, like I have everything sorted in my life but with you, I’m losing it!!!

Him : What do you mean?

Her :I think….. I’m getting attached to you!!

(Brain: I’m telling you, it was stupid of you to do that, you shouldn’t have said that!

Heart : But for long could we hide it?

Brain :He doesn’t care, trust me, he’ll leave you.

Heart : But what if he does care? What if he never leaves?)

Him : I think it’s just infatuation and you’re over thinking about it.

(Brain: I told you, I fucking told you, he doesn’t care about us, he never did!

Heart : Maybe he is afraid of getting attached…..and he’s not a bad person.

Brain : Shut up, we cannot think about someone who doesn’t care about us, just get the hell out of here)

Her : Umm… Yeah you’re right… I don’t like you….and um… it’s just infatuation….Goodbye.

Quote 4#

They say nothing lasts forever,

Maybe that’s why we fear that it’ll end soon,

And we fear to let go.

But what happens when the fear stays forever?

Poem 17#

The wind keeps testing my patience,

Every other day new.

Gently nuzzles me at times,

Provides solace too.

Then suddenly leaves,

Out of the blue.

I wish to be by his side,

But I can feel,

Not see his plight.

For he quickly hides,

And leaves my side.

For he doesn’t wish to be known,

Nor be persued.

Thus he comes and goes as he likes,

Stays in one place, times very few.

I love his presence,

my heart aches for it too,

But how do I tell him,

My feelings are really true?