Poem 53#

Does your heart ever beat aloud, when my name pops on your screen?

Does your face heat up, or do your lips start to smile?

Do you ever look up at the sky and gaze at the moon sometimes?

Remember our previous conversations and way you hugged me, tight?

Do my thoughts ever cross your mind,

Whenever you’re busy at work, trying to study, or sleep at night?

Do you even remember the words you said before you first kissed me,

Or way you smiled so bright?

I wouldn’t know, anymore.


I do know you’re searching for a girl who’d fit into your world.

Who is different than the others, you’ve met,
Someone who adds value to your life, understands you.
Doesnt expect you to be perfect,
Rather, accepts your various hues.

Doesn’t give up on you, when you push her aside,
Who keeps texting you, even though you hardly reply,
Who is always loyal to you, honest and never lies.

You’re a man of few words,
You pretend to listen and hardly reply,
But expect others to listen to you,
but do you comply?

You welcome people, but never let them in,
You know their secrets, hardly share your worries, at times lie.
When confronted, you dive in your cave, you sigh.

You overthink, overanalyze, but keep mum, in your agony, you die.
But tell others that overthinking isn’t right

You have peculiar moods, one in which you wish to be left alone,
One in which you’re no longer the gloomy soul, you’re cheerful,
full of life,
Alas it doesn’t last that while,
And finally the one,in which, your mood, monosyllables provide.

But there’s this void, this tiny black hole,

That exists within you, in your heart,

That is masked by your smile,

One that I can see in your eyes.

What if it forever resides?

Poem 45#

I often think about the past,

Was I really happy that time?


Was it all always a lie?

We met accidentally, right?

With a swift swipe and a shy hi

We exchanged snaps overnight,

Your hazel eyes,

And smug smile, never left my mind.

You told me you felt oddly connected to me,

That my ambiguous expressions made you smile.

But maybe getting attached isn’t fine

That this weird feeling haunted you all the time.

I wonder,was all of that a part of the play?

Where you deceive the person

And then act like you don’t care?

Your hazel eyes, they baffled my life.

They say eyes are a window to the soul,

I gazed into yours,

And I found home.

You know,

Every time we met

You stared at me,

Gazed a little longer into my eyes

My heart heard things,

You never said.


this is all good for fiction, I’d say

For in reality, eyes often deceive,

And oh,

they lie.

I’m sorry, mom.

Mom gives me a glass of warm turmeric milk

With rasins, that seem too dry,

But are too sweet, like the candy he liked.
Tells me to chant ‘Om’ a number of times,

Or just start counting 1-1000,

‘You’ll be asleep in no time, my child

And when I reach the number 6662,

I finally rest my eyes,

I am trapped in that room again,

With white walls and an empty bed.

My heart, it beats louder,

than my muffled voice,

The ceiling fan echoes his steps

Faster!’ it yells,

run away this time!

And I retreat back to my wooden door,

Open the gates,

To the brackish water, I’ve always known.

I wish I could swim in it, at times


I drown.

But lie awake,

Every night.

I am sorry mom, this is why I can’t sleep at night.

Poem 17#

The wind keeps testing my patience,

Every other day new.

Gently nuzzles me at times,

Provides solace too.

Then suddenly leaves,

Out of the blue.

I wish to be by his side,

But I can feel,

Not see his plight.

For he quickly hides,

And leaves my side.

For he doesn’t wish to be known,

Nor be persued.

Thus he comes and goes as he likes,

Stays in one place, times very few.

I love his presence,

my heart aches for it too,

But how do I tell him,

My feelings are really true?

Short 4#

Why do we always have to worry about how the future is going to be like?

Can’t we just sit back and enjoy the present moment, some time?

Poem 3#

I feel so tired,I don’t know why,

But there’s this voice inside my mind,

That tells me I’m wrong

And worthless and not fine.

This makes breathing impossible for some time,

I feel choked and heavy inside

My eyes burn, I don’t wish to cry,

I quickly wipe those hot tears,

and push them aside.

I try to fake a beautiful smile.

For that’s how I’ll be normal again.

And make things work everytime.

But for how long can I live in this lie?