Poem 47#

I end up sitting by my window grill tonight,
Listening to the silence of the night.
The owls trill and warble a sad melody.
I look over my own shoulders,
Down my hand, they wish to hold the droplets that fall,
Alas, my loose wrist fail to hold them, they all fall to the timid ground.

I stare at my own shadow,
Rusting under the neon moon light
Feel the melancholy of the glum leaves,
They persuade me that they are free.
Yet fear the loathe of the rusty wind.

The unattended concrete road, shines under the street light,
Yellow gold, lit like the sun,
Yet no one lurks around this street.
Apart from the unruly dogs,
That break into a furious gallop to chase the ghosts and the cars.
The clock by the wall,tells me to hasten my pace,
For it’s almost midnight now.
Every normal being must be asleep,

With cold feet I reach my bed,
I lie awake where darkness lurks.
The monster under my bed,
Sleeps soundly, as though hypnotized.
But leaves me alone,

As it opens,

The Pandora box tonight.

Poem 46#

Promise me,we’ll meet.

This time, would be our final greet.

I’ll be there waiting for you,

Under the settling sun,

by the egde of the sea.

We’ll walk hand in hand this time,

The past long gone,

Yet present by our side,

The shadow’s growing long.

We’d be staring at a reunion,

Once again.

So promise me,

We’d sit by each others side,

‘Lover’s we’d appear

In the silhouette,

And as the moon would shine too bright,

I’d look into your eyes and smile,

But this time,

I won’t fall in love.

Rather, know

That it’s time,

To say,


I’m sorry, mom.

Mom gives me a glass of warm turmeric milk

With rasins, that seem too dry,

But are too sweet, like the candy he liked.
Tells me to chant ‘Om’ a number of times,

Or just start counting 1-1000,

‘You’ll be asleep in no time, my child

And when I reach the number 6662,

I finally rest my eyes,

I am trapped in that room again,

With white walls and an empty bed.

My heart, it beats louder,

than my muffled voice,

The ceiling fan echoes his steps

Faster!’ it yells,

run away this time!

And I retreat back to my wooden door,

Open the gates,

To the brackish water, I’ve always known.

I wish I could swim in it, at times


I drown.

But lie awake,

Every night.

I am sorry mom, this is why I can’t sleep at night.

Poem 44#

The little sparrow kept humming a cheerful song today, she sang about the one she adored from far away, how fell for his gentle soul,passion oozed through his words and curiousity shadowed his life.

She sang of the days they first met, danced and rejoiced as she reminisced the past, happily chirped around. The crows and parrots supported her chime.

But then she suddenly became too quiet, her cheerful chirps altered into an elegy, a mournful cry.

He’d left her to move away to a far away land, for he was a curious soul, a wanderer that dreamt about the life high up in the sky.

She couldn’t ever confess her undying love for him, for she knew it would burden his soul, hinder him from achieving his goal.

Thus she decided to move away from him, she pushed him away and left his side.

But now,

She sings an elegy for him every day.

Tells him how she waits for him every night,

how she prays to the almighty he is all right,

That he flies high up in the sky,

she believes he’ll do it one day.

Tells him how she still loves him after all this while.

She hopes that he comes back, someday, in time.

Poem 43#

I often agree on one thing,
But end up doing the exact opposite, all the time.
I told you I won’t contact you ever again,
Yet every night as I am about to fall asleep,
I keep revisiting our old chats,
The fights, the assumptions,
The closure and oh the goodbyes,
All come back like to life.
I find new ways to reconnect with you,
But when I do,
I realize you are fine without me,
That my messages would be replied back in a word or three.
That I should be the one to always text first,
For without that, the conversation between us would be none.

But even during that time,

I’d never lose hope,
I’d start the conversation anew,
Feed myself a lie
One that would make me feel, maybe you are shy,
Maybe you didn’t know how to open up to strangers, after all this time.
Only to make a fool out of myself,
When you tell me about your night life.
I guess, it was my fault after all,
I couldn’t keep up with those goodbyes.
I often wanted the closure,
Wished for that last goodbye,
Or to meet you, just one last time.

And now,

In between all of those messages,
And those lies,
The girl infront of me,
I hardly recognise.

To the one I adore

At times he’s like the coffee he drinks every morning or late at night,

Bitter with a sweet aftertaste, you’d fall in love, if you have too much

Too little you’d never appreciate the ecstasy it brings.

He’s a fan of mysteries and lies,but expects the truth, even tho he always hides

But keeps giving subtle cues if you pay attention for sometime time.

I end up bringing up our old times,with new moijoto or whiskey neat,

Our Memories feel like red label on the rocks, that I try to gulp in all at once,

The subtle burn in my throat brings my parched voice alive.

He replies till late midnight, until the alcohol slows starts vanishing off and then I peacefully rest to sleep.

Somedays he feels like the wind caressing me, gently playing with my hair, tucking that extra piece of strand aside,

But the others he feels too frigid, one that might scratch back the past wounds and send shivers down your spine.

He acts aloof like the full moon surrounded by the shining stars at night.

He likes to be the life of the party too, until he feels alone even among the stars so bright, he slowly keeps withdrawing a part of him each night,

Only to see how many of them actually stay his side.

He’s not the prince charming kinda guy, but yes he’s chivalrous enough to hold the door all the time,

He acts like a Casanova by showing off his manly hues,

but in end he’s Jon Snow who knows nothing.

And that’s what I adore.

Paradoxical us.

I’m done chasing the ghosts of our past,
I wish it were a reality,
But we both knew it wouldn’t last.

You broke my wings,
I hid my plight,
But I never hindered
Your will to fly;

There’s no way your words will lead me
Back into that path,
I set you free, then,
For if we’re meant to be, we shall meet again in time.
Only to never leave each others side.

First collaboration!

The bold letters are written by Bharath

And the one in italics are by me.

Hope you all like it.♥️